I had to start the page answering the number one question I get: How do you pronounce your name? ya-sen-ya

I'm a rock star, a dancing queen and lover of all things Star Wars. You can get on my good side with great coffee and a pecan roll. I once lived a life where appearance was everything but now I prefer messy buns, yoga pants and just chilling on Lake George. And my four girls... they are the what makes me who I am more than anything else.


I retired from the Air Force and decided that capturing life through my camera is where it was at. I started down the photography path with civil unions in DC... because honestly, at the time there weren't many photogs that supported gay marriage and my friend knew I had a camera.

The photos were awful but the feeling that I got when that couple expressed to me with tears in their eyes how thankful they were... well... it awoke in me a want to document life... real life. The ups, downs and the in-betweens.


But enough about me... I'd love to hear about you.

About your story... about what makes you rock life in a way that makes other people jealous!

Plus... then I can get coffee.