Welcome to YM Photography's Newborn Session Information Page. Below you will find our session guide and our most frequently asked questions to help you plan your session. As always if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at info@ymphotography.com or call at 518.232.1612.



When should I schedule my session?

We recommend beginning the booking process as early into your pregnancy as possible. When we first speak, we will book what we call a "soft" booking. This means that we use your due date as your session day with the understanding that babies come when they feel like it. We ask that once you arrive home from the hospital that you call us to schedule your session date based upon babies age since birth. Our cutoff for posed newborn sessions is 10 days with the best time for photos between 5-7 days old. If you are unable to make it to the studio in that time frame, we can discuss an in-home lifestyle session.

What if my baby is early or late?

No worries! We rarely have babies come in on due dates so we keep three time slots available each week for wonderful surprises. This ensures we are always able to accommodate your session on short notice.

Why do we have to come in so soon?

It is our experience that 5-10 is the ideal time for your session for a number of reasons. First, baby is still used to being curled up in momma's womb and is very sleepy all the time. This helps us get those adorable squishy, sweet sleepy poses with legs tucked underneath them. While we are very gentle with babies during posing, we find that after 10 days old babies tend to be more alert and awake during their sessions. This leads to session times being doubled or tripled with the average being close to six hours long whereas younger babies we can photograph in closer to two. In addition, around the week point, baby's skin may become irritated or rashes, baby blemishes or other redness may occur. By photographing between 5-7 days, we can limit how much this affects photos.

I've already had my baby. Can I still book a session?

Absolutely! Please see the age guidelines listed above.

Is there a retainer?

A $100 non-refundable retainer is due at the time of booking. We require this as we only book a limited number of newborns per month to ensure that early or late deliveries can be accommodated. Once you are scheduled, you are given priority.

Is there anything included in our session?

Every portrait session at YM Photography includes a custom phone app with 10-30 watermarked digital images for sharing on social media (not suitable resolution for printing) and a $50 print credit. Any print or product purchase of $200 or more (does not include print credit) will include a full digital gallery download of session images suitable to print up to 8x10. A print release will be provided with your download.

Pre-Session Prep

Is there anything special we should do before the session?

Yes, we ask that you loosen baby's diaper at least two and half hours before your session and not put pants with elastic bands on during that time. This eliminates any red lines on baby's skin. We also request that you do not feed baby until you arrive at the studio. We have a very comfy couch. If you are breastfeeding and would like privacy, please let us know and we will ensure that the area around the couch is blocked from the main studio area.

Should we bring anything?

We will typically have snacks and water available but we do encourage you to bring an extra bottle or two. In order to ensure the best environment for baby, the studio is often very warm. In addition, extra diapers (baby will feed and go more than normal) and diapers will be needed.

What should I wear?

We encourage everyone attending the session to dress as if they are going to have their photo taken. We know that most moms do not feel like dressing up so soon after delivering so we suggest soft comfortable neutral toned clothes, light make-up and brushed hair. Try not to wear any colors or make-up that could cast color shadows on baby's skin. It is also very warm in the studio so please bring layers that you can take off in the event that it is too warm for you tolerate.

The Session

Where will our session take place?

Unless previously agreed upon, all newborn sessions take place at the YM Photography Studio at 206 Glen Street, Suite 44, Glens Falls, NY 12801. We do this for several reasons. First, we don't have to charge for travel or take time away from your session with setup. We can be completely ready to go when you arrive. We also have all our props available instead of just a select few packed for travel. The most important reason we have chosen to do newborn sessions in studio is that we are always aware of the lighting conditions. While you may feel that your living room provides adequate light, it may not be suitable for our needs due to the position of the sun at the time of your session.

Should we buy props or outfits?

Yesenia is a prop-aholic. She is often scouring antique stores and routinely adds to her collection. We are confident her addiction will provide you with enough to choose from when selecting items for your session. We do encourage you to bring any infant item that holds a special place in your heart. We love nothing more to capture and add to family history. As for outfits, newborns do not often fit in clothes properly so many of your photos will be of baby au natural or with diaper and wrapped. If you wish to bring your own props, please contact us before your session so that we may plan backdrops and other props accordingly.

How long should I plan for my session?

We suggest blocking out a two hour time frame with the understanding that the session may take longer. The session length is completely dependent on baby. A typical session runs between 2-3 but I've had sessions over in as little as 45 minutes (this is definitely NOT the norm and baby was very young). Other factors that can lengthen a session are: number of siblings, specialty props selected, number of feedings and how well baby tolerates transitioning from pose to another.

What happens if baby won't be soothed or stays awake during the session?

If we feel that baby is not tolerating session, we will present you with options such as only swaddled images, rescheduling or just plain old allowing time for baby to be soothed. We only schedule one newborn per day and block out a large amount of time to do so... so there is no rush! If extra love or time doesn't seem to work, then we will reschedule baby within the next few days or schedule an in-home lifestyle session (additional charges may apply). If baby stays awake, it's okay! Babies are just as adorable awake or asleep.

The Pictures

How long will it take to get our images?

Our turn around time is typically 2-3 weeks from your session. While it does not happen often, this time frame may vary due to our schedule (especially during the holidays) and no free product, refunds or extra sessions will be provided. We know you are excited to get your photos so we make every effort to get them to you as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the nature of newborn skin (stork bites, redness, jaundice, etc) often necessitates extra time during the editing process. We do post a sneak peek or two as we are working on your session.

Do you retouch images?

Unless directed by the parents we do edit out any redness, blemish or jaundice (and yes, even those little scratches they get) we see in our final images. We do not edit out birthmarks unless asked. There is no additional charge for these edits. Our goal is to preserve the beauty of your baby as naturally as possible.

How do we order?

YM Photography has made the choice to stay away from in-person viewing and ordering sessions. This allows you to relax and view your images in the privacy of your own home. We feel it's best to allow our clients the choice of what they wish to purchase with out added pressure. Once your gallery is ready, you will be provided a custom url and password for your session. We have a large variety of print and specialty products selected for you to choose from. Our print prices start at $10. 

How long will our gallery be available?

Galleries are available for two weeks following your session. After this time, a minimum order of $250 is required to open your gallery. Any free downloads or print credits expire once your gallery is closed. No refunds will be issued.

Is there anything we need to know about the print credit?

Your print credit may only used to purchase prints. Press and specialty products are not eligible under the credit. Print credit expires two weeks from the date your gallery is delivered.

May I share my images on social media?

Yes, you may share the web-optimized watermarked images from your custom app. Just select the image(s) you wish to share and post through the app or share the link! We do ask that if you love your photos you give us a shout out. Customer referrals are our best and most loved form of marketing! Plus with every referral you get free stuff... and who doesn't love free stuff?!