Welcome to our Signature Albums

Congratulations! You are married and have the new titles of Mr and Mrs! Now is the next exciting part of your photographic experience! 

We've created this page to help you start the design process for your wedding album. If you have any questions along the way please give us a call or email at any time!



First, we'll have you choose your favorite images from your day.

How to favorite:

1. Log in to your online gallery

2. Click on the heart that appears when you hover over your favorite images.

3. Check the box to send to photographer.

4. Click the share button.

Images will automatically be sent to YM Photography.

Design Suggestion: We suggest choosing no more than 50 images with the understanding that not all images will be used in your album. If you are more on the minimalist side of design, choose 25 of your favorite images.


Wedding packages include either a Classic Linen or Heritage Leather Cover.

Etched Leathers are an add-on to our Heritage Leather Covers. If you wish this add-on, please choose your Heritage Leather cover and etched design of choice.

Etched leathers are not available with Polar or Ash.

Please click the image below to see a larger photo of cover options.




Please note that etched leathers incur an additional charge


We are pleased to offer you a variety of add-ons to create your perfect album design.

 Foil Stamping - Front Cover

Foil Stamping - Front Cover

 Foil Stamping - Inside Cover

Foil Stamping - Inside Cover

Foil Stamping ($50)

Add foil stamping in Black, Copper, Gold, Matte Gold, Granite, Silver or Matte Silver to non-distressed Heritage Leather or Linen (inside cover only) covered albums. Choose from Alana Pro or Garage Gothic font. Up to three lines of text can be stamped on the cover in the lower center or lower right corner of the front cover or lower center of the inside back cover up to two lines of text.


* Front cover foil stamping is not available for distressed leather covers, and cannot be added to Albums containing Cameos or Classic Americana Etched Leather covers.

 Foil Stamping Color Options and Debossing Blind

Foil Stamping Color Options and Debossing Blind


Debossing ($50)

You may choose to add up to three lines of text in either Dessau Pro or Garage Gothic font. Options include Blind (no color), Black, Copper, Gold, Matte Gold, Granite, Silver or Matte Silver for Modern Simplicity Linen or Heritage Leather covers. Blind debossing is the only debossing option available for Distressed leathers.


**Debossing is unavailable for Cameo covers or Classic Americana Etched Leathers.

Cameo Cover ($100)

An instant classic, Cameo covers feature an image window to highlight your favorite photos. Select from Pano, Rectangle, Square, and 3 Square Stack to find the choice that fits your client’s style. Cameos are available with all Leather and Linen cover options.

Album Cameo Options



 Three Square Stack

Three Square Stack



 Rectangle (vertical on some album sizes)

Rectangle (vertical on some album sizes)


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Cover Options and Add-Ons
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If you chose foiling stamping of debossing, please enter up to three lines of text below (use slashes to separate line). Character limits apply per line. Only two lines of text are available for inside back cover foil stamping.
Text Font
Foil Stamping Color
If you chose a Foil Stamp add-on, please choose color.
Cameo Type
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End Leaf Color
End leafs are the blank page at the beginning and end of your album. Default is white.
The Pages
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Page Type
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Lustre Coating for Longer Protection?
*An eco friendly, non-flammable, roller-applied coating. *Provides superior protection against fingerprints and UV exposure, while also visibly enhancing the look of your print.
Storage Add-ons
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  • Initial album design proof is delivered 2-3 weeks after receipt of photo selections from client.
  • Although typically provided in less time, album edits are turned around within 3 weeks maximum. YM Photography will provide up to two album drafts (original draft and one revision). Each revision will add 2 weeks processing time to album ordering timeline.
  • Complex revisions  will incur a $25 fee per page for complete design changes after included revision. Client will be notified of any design changes that may incur additional rates before they are incurred. Examples of complex revisions: Additional complete album redesigns after original or revision, swapping a majority photos for new photos after included revision, changes in multiple page layouts, etc
  • Dependent on your album size, all photos selected may not be included.
  • Once final album design has been approved, albums are delivered within 1 month as we have albums delivered directly to us for a print quality check, packaging and forwarding to client.
  • Album designs or revisions not approved within 30 days of receipt or no response from client within 60 days, will be deemed as a closing of your account and YM Photography will no longer be held to the terms of our agreement in regard to included albums.
  • Album Design is a client-dependent time process so album timelines provided are the maximum times we have seen in our experience.
  • All product ordering is suspended from two days prior to Thanksgiving until five days after the New Year. We do this as we found that couples would wait and want to rush through album design in time to receive albums for Christmas. This took time away from our families while we dealt with processes that usually took weeks in a matter of days. YM Photography is closed during the holiday season.